How do I wrap my hair? What's the best one for me?

  • The two biggest questions we get! checkout our wrap tutorials here. For wrap consultations dm us on our instagram or email us with a photo of your hair type and we'll point you in the right direction.
  • For starters consider the climate you're in...for hotter weather our linen flows wraps are the best choice. For cold weather our ankara print, and stretch wraps are great for insulation.

Who is Mother Grey's named after?

  • Mother Grey's is named after the grandmother and matriarch of the Grey clan out of St. Thomas, Jamaica who migrated with her family over to New York City. We named the store with her last name in her memory. 

What kind of styling do you do? What are your prices?

  • We've worked on music video sets for major artists down to smaller scale shoots for local individuals. We serve but are not limited to musicians, dancers, entertainers and other artists of the diaspora. Styling consists of creative direction and head-wrapping or body-wrapping depending on the project. For rates please email greyswraps@gmail.com.

Do you do classes?

  • Yes we do! We provide wrap consultations for women and men who are unfamiliar with the wrapping process. This includes discussing the spiritual and mental benefits of covering the hair and a physical demonstration. We offer group and individual wrapping classes virtually and in person at affordable rates. To arrange an event or class please email greyswraps@gmail.com.

How do I care for my wraps?

  • Handwash cold with regular or plant-based detergent and air dry. For our handpainted Malian dyes, a gentle 5-10 minute cold soak and rinse without scrubbing is best.

What's your shipping/return policy?

  • Please visit our Policies page for detailed info.

    Where are Mother Grey's products from?

    • Our fabrics are carefully sourced from artisans in African and Asian countries, the Caribbean, and handcrafted in New Jersey, USA. Our owner is fully involved in every step of the process from material sourcing, down to manufacturing and shipping orders.  

    Why should I explore my roots?

    • To understand where you're going, it's important to understand where you've been in many other lifetimes.

    What makes you different from other brands?

    • Our founder's main goal is to help our supporters find more of themselves through cultural love and self expression. We believe in the positive mental shift that takes place when our wraps are worn. 

    Where are you located?

    • Mother Grey's operates out of New Jersey, USA.